Two African Grass Fibre Belts

Nkundo, Mongo, Republic of Zaire

Circa 1880

The belts or waist ornaments of plaited and twined raffia were worn low on the hips so that the cut-pie pom-pom, which was worn at the back, would wobble provocatively as the wearer walked.

Length 76.5 cm (30 in)

Pen and Palette Club, Newcastle upon Tyne
The Club was founded in 1900 for men with an interest in the arts, writing, literature, music and the law and since 1908 was sited next to the Laing Art Gallery in Higham Place, Newcastle. The Pom Poms have been a part of the Club's small ethnographic collection for over forty years and were sold in early 2012 after the Club moved to new premises.

African Textiles and Decorative Arts by Roy Sieber, pub. Museum of Modern Art, New York 1972 illus. p.52

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