Three Bronze Age Fibulae (SOLD)

Central Europe

1000 B.C

These three Central European Bronze Age fibulae are made identically, each from a single piece of wire which has been very tightly twisted into two coiled spirals;  if carefully examined the wire can be seen to begin and end with the pin and attachment loop at the back of the brooch.

Although very little art from the European Bronze Age survives, brooches like these give us an idea of the motifs which are likely to be found on other artefacts, maybe they were carved into wooden bowls and pressed into pottery. This conjoined spiral is certainly amongst the oldest of designs from ancient Europe and is found in the Neolithic period which preceded the Bronze Age. It is likely that this spiral motif had ritualistic significance and indeed it is found in primitive cultures elsewhere in the world.

Condition: Excellent unrestored condition, mounted on a contemporary bronze stand

Ex British private collection, formerly part of a German collection and acquired in the 1980's

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