Simon Bolivar - a Silver South American Perfume Burner

Mid 19th Century

The figure of Bolivar is hinged at the base of the skirt so that burning incense can be placed into a removable container and placed within the body of the horse. The smoke then escapes from the perfume burner via the top of the feathered hat and through the mouth of the horse. The horse and rider stand on an oval tray supported by busts of four praying figures.

Simon Bolivar (born in 1783 in Caracas, Venezuela and died in 1830) is held in the highest esteem in Latin America where he was instrumental in the revolutions against the Spanish Empire in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Dimensions: Height 29.5 cm (11.75 in)
Weight: 3,384g (119.36 oz)

Silbersch├Ątze aus S├╝damerika 1700-1900 Dr. Eva Gerhards & Dr. Monika Goedl pub.Germany 1981

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