Ottoman Flintlock Blunderbuss

19th Century

A steel blunderbuss profusely inlaid with silver decoration and with the grip carved with a stag's head.

The butt-plate is engraved:

 'From Elirs Issy (Syria) To Capt. A. Hume (England)'

Illustrated in Pinchot p.98 fig 5-28

Lt. Col. John Angus Hume O.B.E. (1914 - 2005) was commissioned into the Somerset Light Infantry in 1941 and went to Syria the following year as a representative of the Army - comprising a force of only two British and two Indian Divisions deployed to discourage any German advance through the Caucasus to the Middle East. An acting-captain, Hume was based at Hannah in northern Syria working with the cereals procurement agency. Hume negotiated grain contracts, in an area comprising 500 villages with local customs dating from the Ottoman era, for the collection, storage and disposal of produce. Only by gradually winning the confidence of local mukhtars and convincing them that they were receiving fair payment was he able to ensure the quotas required to provide for the armies in the Middle East as well as for the local population.

1604 /2931
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