Miniature Violins by Jacklin



Signed with a paper label 'T Jacklin Model Violin Maker, Hull, 1880'

Thomas Jacklin, Violin Maker is listed in Bulmer's Trade Directory of 1892 as living at 16a Ocean Place, Hull.

The largest of the violins is 20cm in length ( 8 in )

These three beautifully made violins appear to be by the same hand, that of Thomas Jacklin, whose hand written label is found in the largest. Although little is now known of the maker, the violins belonged to the noted violinist and teacher Suzanne Rosza. A founding member of both the English Chamber Orchestra and Yehudi Menuhin's Bath Festival Orchestra, Rosza had studied at the Vienna Academy where she won first prize in the prestigious Fritz Kreisler Competition. However, she had to abandon her studies there when the German troops arrived in 1938 and she was forced to flee to Britain with her mother. She became a pupil of Carl Flesch and later Max Rostal at the Guildhall School of Music where she was awarded the Gold Medal. Rozsa had a long career as a violinist and was married to Martin Lovett of the Amadeus Quartet. However, according to the Telegraph, teaching was arguably more important to her than performing and "her pupils rarely left her studio without a fresh insight into the music"

From the collection of Susanne Rosza (1923 - 1995 ) noted violinist and teacher.
Rosza's obituary in the Telegraph mentions that she was "the owner of one of the largest and finest collections of miniature violins"

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