Medieval Stone Gargoyle (SOLD)


Mid 13th to Early 14th Century

This early form of water spout was set into the parapet to drain water from the roof and channel it through the mouth and away from the wall. This plumbing innovation did not appear in Medieval Europe until the early 13th century and was not used in the English Parish Church until well into the middle of that century.

The present heads are carved to show human features and expressions with furrowed brows and deep nasolabial creases. This style of carving together with the confident use of the drill, not only in the eyes and nostrils but also elsewhere used to add expressiveness, would appear to date these heads from 1250 to around 1320.

Height 30 cms (12 in)

Gargoyles & Grotesques by Ronald Sheridan and Anne Ross pub. 1975 New York

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