Inuit Snow Goggles

Arctic Circle

19th Century

The goggles are carved from antler bone and have a dark patina. The reverse has been hollowed for the comfort of the wearer and there are two holes on either side for attaching a cord.

Width 16.5 cm (6.4 in)

Harry Meier Collection Germany
M Grimmer Collection Switzerland
Grimmer (founder of a construction company in Switzerland) was a lifelong collector of American Indian artefacts and travelled extensively including in North America, Greenland and Alaska. He purchased the snow goggles in the first half of the 20th century from a mission station exhibition by the Missions des PĂ©res Oblats. A postcard of the first Eskimo converts of this Mission accompanies these goggles with a typed label in German:

"Eskimo Schneebrille
aus Geweih gefertigt!
Schwer zu bekommen!"

"Eskimo snow goggles
made of antler!
hard to get!"

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