Haida Indian Greasebowl (SOLD)

North West Coast American Indian

Circa 1870

A Haida Grease Bowl in the Form of an Otter

The Haida Indians from the Queen Charlotte Islands, the western most islands of Canada expressed their deep mystic consciousness in their carving of this unique form of slate. Found only in one valley, it was carved with a gouging tool and polished smooth with dried fish skin and a natural sponge called a sea potato. Here we had one stone, one people and one place with its pervasive spirit and the carvers who sought to express it

l 13.5 cm h 4.5 cm (5.25 x 2.75 in)

Jonathon Mankowitz Collection

The Etholen Collection CF P Varjola pub. Helsinki 1990. For a similar example of a beaver form argillite grease bowl donated to the Etholen Colection in 1846 see page 96 fig 106

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