Gerald Summers Makers of Simple Furniture (SOLD)



A Pair of Armchairs - Each Cut and Bent from a Single Sheet of Birch Ply

In 1932 Summers and his wife Majorie Amy Butcher started "Makers of Simple Furniture" and began to experiment with free-form designs and malleable materials. Summers specialised in airplane plywood which resulted in some of the most innovative designs of the period. This seminal work of 1933-34 took advantage of the wood's flexibility creating this seamless seat which is considered to be a Modernist Masterpiece.

Metal labels "REGD No 791116"

h 75 cm w 61 cm l 88 cm (29.5 x 24 x 34.5 in)

Bibliography: 1000 Chairs Charlotte and Peter Fiell, Cologne 2000 p.232.
100 Masterpieces
Vitra Design Museum.
Design for Today 1934

Exhibitions: Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Vitra Design Museum
Phoenix Art Museum

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