Gerald Summers Cocktail Stool (SOLD)


Circa 1935

Designed by Gerald Summers (1899 - 1967)

Made by 'Makers of Simple Furniture' 1932 - 1940

Birch Ply; the seat covered in the original black traffolyte

Height 70 cm (27.5 in)

The most innovative designer in Britain in the 1930’s Gerald Summers’ significance is only now being appreciated as emphasis has heretofore been placed upon the achievements of European and Scandinavian designers and because ‘Makers of Simple Furniture’ was a small company, producing  mainly to order, without the publicity machine of larger workshops. This sculptural cocktail stool is typical of Summers' love of simple, economical and practical design and the plywood, which had been used since the 1920's but always disguised, is here appreciated for its intrinsic beauty and versatility. The simple black finish to the foot rest serves to punctuate the form and echos, in both shape and colour, the black cushioned seat.

One of only two examples known to exist

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