Ceremonial Persian Helmet & Shield


19th Century

An extremely decorative 19th Century helmet and shield of chiselled steel encrusted with chased silver foliage against a ground of chiselled foliage, enriched with gold damascened trefoils. The rim is bordered with panels enclosing silver damascened Persian verses in thuluth. The chiselled central spike is of diamond section and to the front are two plume holders. The vandyked camail is of butted steel rings.
The shield, made in two pieces, has four domed bosses and a brass rim. Again the outer surfaces are decorated with Persian verses and include the names 'Sultan Shahin' and 'Nadir Shah'.


Helmet 27cm high (10.75 in)
Shield diameter 45.4cm (18 in)

Pinchot p.164 fig 8-15

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