Alvar Aalto (SOLD)


Model No. 31 Developed 1931-1932

Alvar Aalto 1898 - 1976

Aalto, a visionary of modern architecture and world renowned designer was fascinated by the properties of plywood, establishing an experimental workshop in1929. In 1935 he founded a furniture design company, Artek and in the same year patented his cantilevered beech chair frame which supported a single piece of shaped plywood forming the seat and back. The translation of the tubular steel cantilever frame into wood resulted in this elegant armchair, No. 31 and his work was exhibited worldwide to great acclaim.

In 1934 Finmar was founded to import Aalto furniture into Britain
“The Furniture of the Future for the Homes of Today”

h 70 c w 61 cm d 70 cm

1933 The exhibition of Finnish design held at Fortnum and Mason
1937 The Paris Exhibition
1939 The New York World Fair

In 1957 he was awarded a gold medal by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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