A Vizagapatam Writing Box on Ivory Lion Paw Feet

Coromandel Coast, India

Circa 1760

The ebony box is inlaid to the top and all four sides with engraved ivory highlighted with lac. On each surface the inlay forms scrolling and looping vines emerging from a central flowerhead; the branching stems support many leaves and terminate in further flowers and buds.
The box has silver flower head mounts and an oval escutcheon and the rosewood base is supported by four ivory lion paw feet.

Width 47 cm Depth 35 cm Height 14 cm (18.75 x 14 x 5.75 in)

Furniture from British India and Ceylon by Amin Jaffer. pub. V&A 2001
For a similar example p. 181 No.34

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