A Greek Flintlock Pistol

Probably Ionnina, North-West Greece

Second Quarter of the 19th Century

The pistol has an engraved tapering barrel applied with small brass panels over the breech. The tang is overlaid with a nielloed silver panel decorated with conventional foliage, border-engraved bevelled lock, full stock encased with finely nielloed silver against a punched parcel-gilt ground decorated with a running pattern of flowers and foliage over the fore-end, an allegorical figure, perhaps Ceres and and exotic bird ahead of the trigger-guard. The butt is decorated with stylised rococo scrolls, further figures, flowers and foliage, small pommel formed with a raised terminal, trigger-guard decorated en suite and slender simulated ramrod.

The pistol forms part of a group that were almost certainly made for the Greeks at the court of King Otto in the third decade of the 19th century as part of the Greek Romantic Revival following the War of Liberation.

For a similar example see R. Elgood 1995 p 62-3

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