A Grasshopper by Martinet (SOLD)

by Edouard Martinet (born France 1961)


This anatomically precise sculpture is individually and meticulously assembled from a huge array of found objects including car, motorbike and bicycle parts; each of the elements carefully selected to best portray the character and attitude of the creature. The result is an astonishingly lifelike and unique, contemporary animalier sculpture.

Length 60 cm Height 57 cm ( 23.75 x 22.5 in)

Martinet graduated in 1988 from ESAG in Paris and teaches art at L'Institut des Arts Appliqué in Rennes

Wings: moped chain guards
Abdomen: bike fender + wax moulds made in aluminium + shell shaped drawer handles
Rear legs: bike forks
Forelegs: bike brakes + plugs for plaster walls
Thorax: part of a moped fender
Head: car and bike parts + old covers for electric switches (round the eyes)
Eyes: lorry sidelights
Antennae: bike spokes

Monet Goyon is a French trademark for motorbikes and mopeds of the 40's and 50's


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