A Black Rhinoceros Horn Zulu Knobkerrie

South Africa

Circa 1870

This rhinoceros horn fighting club Izintonga was carved from a single horn and is of exceptional length. It would have been made only for the use of a Zulu king. The club would have been both prestigious and also powerful; the strength of the animal from which it was taken gave it enormous potency and therefore only a King, a great medicine man, could own it.

Clubs with heads of this size were outlawed by the British who passed a law stating that the diameter of the head had to be of a size small enough to fit into the owner's mouth.

Length 97 cm (38.25 in) Diameter 5.5 cm (2.25 in) 404g (8.9 lb)

Sold with approval of worked item (EC Regulation 865/2006, Article 62(3) - 453-11/12. Therefore this club can be legally traded in the UK without the need for further CITES certification.

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